57. Timeouts: Effective communication Part 2.

Coaching greatness can only be achieved when being effective in your communication. And there is always something to be learned from the highest level of matches in the world. So let’s dive in!

57. Timeouts: Effective communication Part 2.

⚡ What's inside this article?

The VNL started again! And that means that we're able to listen in on what the coaches of the best teams in the world are saying during their timeouts.

We were busy taking notes on most of last week's games, and we chose to dive a bit deeper in the game of June 1st, Poland versus Italy.

The fully subtitled and translated clip of every single TO (9 of them) from that game can be found at the bottom of this article.👍

💡 What do we look for?

In our previous 'VNL timeout' article we put an importance on the 3 C's.

It's important during a timeout that a coach is...

  • Concise; time is very limited, use it wisely
  • Clear; fuzzy messaging destroys confidence
  • Considerate; 'putting yourself in the shoes of your players'

We are of course missing context on what was said during game prep, in the practice gym, in 1-on-1's and a 100 other things. 🙂

The clip is a look into what is going on during the TO's, not/never a critique on what was said, why and how.

Let's dive in.

Poland 🇵🇱 - Italy🇮🇹  ➡️  3-1

To give more context to the timeouts, you could first go through the stat sheet and the official VolleyballWorld highlights of the game.

Stat sheet:

Game highlights:


Coach Lavarini for Poland does his timeouts in English, so we just tweaked the subtitles here and there.

Coach Mazzanti's timeouts are in Italian and have translated subs. As the subtitles  appear at a pretty fast pace (that's Italian for you 😀), you should rewind and reread them a few times to really get into it.