My name is Matias Raymaekers. I had the privilege to play professional volleyball in Italy, Russia, Belgium and Germany over a period of 14 years. is an email newsletter and website that amplifies the voice of professional volleyball coaches.

This platform will showcase:

1. Current successful coaches

2. Professionals starting their journey

3. The legendary coaches of the game

Our newsletter asks specific volleyball and sports related questions. We want to get to know the unique points of view of pro coaches from around the globe.

I hope our content will exponentially increase the individual learning process of our readers.

I want to make this newsletter an enormous Volley | Brain. Yeah I just said that. :-) And expect me to repeat that a lot.

When and how?

Every new post that is published on will automatically be sent out to our subscribers. Don't forget to enter your email address and subscribe.

Articles will be posted 2-3 times a month.(that's a lie, I will post, when I post. Get on the email list to be the first one to read a new article)

Control of content.

Language is a tool we use, but communication is a craft.

I do believe that professional coaches have the ability to distill their message so it becomes a clear and very practical one. will bring the exact message across that coaches want to spread.

When publishing the article I do look out for mistakes in grammar and syntax, but please consider that I am not a native English speaker.

Privacy and use of data.

Very simple. No spam, no ads.

No advertising on the website or in the emails.

If you want to unsubscribe, that’s possible at the bottom of our newsletter.

True aim of this website.

Don't forget however that the real focus of this website is to get a signal out (and escape from the noise)

Read or study the articles and use them to develop your own opinion about the game.

This is our Facebook Page which is used as another channel of distribution, it could be that I'll open a Facebook Group in the future...but that really isn't on my roadmap to be honest.

So once, study, do your own thing.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

I stole that like a champ ;-)