11. Giovanni Guidetti: 'Listening is more important than talking'

11. Giovanni Guidetti: 'Listening is more important than talking'

Hi kind readers, in today's article we feature Giovanni Guidetti.

Giovanni is for his 12th year the head coach of Turkish powerhouse Vakifbank. We had a nice videotalk last March which laid the ground for this article.

I won't go over Giovanni's CV, it is long and full of emotions AND the highest level of volleyball that is played on this globe. (You can wiki it yourself;-))

In our call we covered many interesting topics about how he sees the position of the coach in a club team, what leadership really means, where his love for volleyball comes from, the real difference between current male and female volleyball...and much much more.

There is a lot information in here. I mashed 2 video's together, there are some written word answers also.

Take your time, listen to everything when you can and if you want...there is a lot of usable advice in here for any coach!

And as always you can give feedback over here. 👍

The first clip is about rule change proposals and male vs female volleyball.

Down below we have a 23 minute long video where we talk about his own growth as a coach, the biggest leadership key, how to manage a team, ...etc

Plus a written Q&A about Giovanni's volleyball roots.

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