70. Andy Inveiss: Pro Volleyball, Beyond the Fine Print.

The volleyball world is ever-changing. VolleyballWorld on an international level. LOVB and other pro leagues on US soil. The transfer portal and NIL in college volleyball. The perfect time to sit down with a renowned insider in pro volleyball.

70. Andy Inveiss: Pro Volleyball, Beyond the Fine Print.

Going over the ins and outs of pro volleyball is something we never did before on volleybrains.com. We are aspiring to be a great coaching educational platform, so you could say the 'business' side of pro volleyball doesn't really have a place here.

There are so many connections and intricacies between coaching a club team, a college program, or a 'real' pro team, that we wanted to shine a light on the 'pro world' for at least one time. (many talented athletes dream of becoming pros, their coach should at least know what goes into that)

We really couldn't have anyone better than Andris 'Andy' Inveiss to guide us through the maze that is pro volleyball.

Andy's background

Andy is a San Diego-based attorney and the founder of SportsNet International.

He has represented volleyball coaches and players since 1987, and has negotiated 500+ pro contracts and 100+ contracts for U.S. national team players.

Andy is the representation of many college coaches and TeamUSA coaches Karch Kiraly and John Speraw. And on the players 'side: Jordyn Poulter, Jordan Thompson, and Dani Drews...to just name a few.

Venn diagram

If you ever read our About page you will know that VolleyBrains.com is run by 2 former pro players who are also active in athlete representation.

This all creates an intriguing intersection in the Venn diagram of Andy's extensive experience, both Andy's and our passion and interests, and our background as professional volleyball players. It sets the stage for a fascinating discussion where we can freely explore any topic.

VolleyBrains is all about sharing the insights of the best coaches around, in an objective manner. I(Matias) am very deliberate in never publishing my personal opinion. In this article and for reasons just mentioned, this all went out of the window, for once.


There is something in this for everyone. Even if you'll never be in contact with pro volleyball.

As a coach at any level you'll definitely take something away from this interview.

Big topics of our conversation with Andy were:

  • The role of the college coach in the transition to pro life
  • Athletes understanding the transition and the expectations
  • Contractual necessities for pro athletes and college coaches

How to watch

Absorb it all in one sitting or skip through the chapters (in the video timeline) which tickle your interest most.

Don't miss out on Andy's intro though!

A big thank you to Andy for his availability.

To our VolleyBrains Members:

Our next article (probably a practice video) launches in the last weekend of January.

We are taking a short break from pushing content out...really excited about everything 2024 will bring.

Have a wonderful start to 2024!