74. Practice videos: Luka Slabe - NC State University

What is happening in the training gyms around the world? Today we have NC State's head coach Luka Slabe reviewing one of their practices.

74. Practice videos: Luka Slabe - NC State University

🔍 Intro

We already featured 12 practice video articles with pro and college coaches, and today it's time for our 13th Practice session article here on volleybrains.com.

This article is part 2 of our 2-article video session with Luka Slabe.

👊 The coach who's guiding us today

Luka Slabe is the head coach of North Carolina State. 

Of course, Luka is also known as Team USA's former assistant coach. His journey with Team USA started in 2018 and ended with an Olympic gold medal in the summer of 2021. 🥇

In our last VB article coach Slabe explained how he uses his whiteboard for practice prep, team organization, team communication, and goal setting.

In this article, Luka narrates that entire practice session.

⚡ What's inside the practice video clips?

In the videos coach Slabe will go into detail on:

  • Which blocking philosophy he is pursuing with his players
  • How he wants his athletes to approach serving
  • He goes over 2 randomized (but also very goal-orientated) 6 on 6 drills
  • How he promotes his athletes to be ready for specific in-game moments like Challenge calls...
  • The importance of being detailed in their practice debriefs
  • How he uses various forms of coach involvement in his practices and why
  • and so much more

Practice clips preview

  1. Handling tie situations and developing responsibility
  1. How Team USA transfers information during TO's
  1. Taking it step by step

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70+ minutes of narrated practice footage divided over 2 video clips

The whiteboard and weekly plan can be downloaded in the previous article.

Quick tip: The videos are timestamped. Use the chapters to quickly navigate through the video for later reference.