79. Practice videos: Nicola Negro - Minas

What is happening in the training gyms around the world? Today we have Nicola Negro reviewing 3 of his practice sessions.

79. Practice videos: Nicola Negro - Minas

πŸ” Intro

We've already featured 15 practice video articles with pro and college coaches, and today it's time for our 16th Practice session article here on volleybrains.com.

At VolleyBrains, we bring you inside practice gyms worldwide to see how top coaches develop their teams.

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πŸ‘Š The coach who's guiding us today

In this practice video session we feature Nicola Negro, the head coach of Minas. Minas is South America's strongest club team and the home of many world class players.

Under Nicola's guidance Minas won 3 Brazilian Superliga's, 3 South American Club Championships and many more titles and cups.

Nicola started his journey in professional volleyball nearly 20 years ago and coached in Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Poland, Romania and for the last 5 years in Brazil at Minas.

For more on Nicola and his coaching journey, check out the Masterclass interview we had the pleasure to do with him.

Gerdau Minas 2023-2024 Championship moment

⚑ What's inside the practice video clips?

In this article we'll feature the concepts and exercises of 2 morning sessions and 1 afternoon team session.

Part 2 of Minas' practice video sessions, 2 more afternoon team sessions, will come up in our next article. Live in 2 weeks.

The featured practice sessions were recorded in different parts of the season. In the full video (VB members only) coach Negro will go bit deeper into how this brings training modifications into play.

In the full video coach Negro will go into detail on:

  • Minas' 'high up' receiving style
  • How they handle conflict zones in receiving
  • Why their receiving net point is in the middle of the net
  • How they train their aggressive uptempo offense
  • Different variations of receiving exercises
  • How they handle load and volume
  • Nicola's favorite warm up exercise: the 6 stage 'Braziliano'
  • How new players adapt to their playing style
  • and so much more...


Practice clips preview

  1. Practice preview clip 1: Uptempo Attack Game
  1. Practice preview clip 2: Never move back
  1. Practice preview clip 3: Play phase - Minas Standard

VolleyBrain Members only sessions

45 minutes of narrated practice video with Nicola Negro

Quick tip: The video is timestamped. Use the chapters to quickly navigate through the video for later reference.