46. Practice videos: Sir Safety Perugia - Andrea Anastasi

What is actually happening in the training gyms around the world? Today we have Andrea Anastasi the head coach of Italian's top team Sir Safety Perugia going over their team practice.

46. Practice videos: Sir Safety Perugia - Andrea Anastasi

πŸ” Intro

It's time for our second Practice video article here on volleybrains.com.

In this article we will go over a practice session of the current leader in the Italian Superlega (the most balanced league in the world...imo) and the newly crowned Italian Supercup winner...Sir Safety Perugia.

πŸ‘Š The coach who's guiding us today

Andrea Anastasi is the head coach of this Italian powerhouse.

Over Andrea's 28 year coaching career he has been coaching Italian club teams, the Italian National Team, the Spanish National Team, Polish clubs, the Polish national team and Belgian's NT.

After many years of coaching in Poland Andrea now returned back to Italy.

More on Andrea, his story and frameworks you can read over here in one of the first Masterclasses we ever posted.

Andrea made the time to finish these recordings last Wednesday (02/11), a few hours after arriving home after Perugia's Supercup victory. Thanks coach for the availability!

πŸ† Perugia's 2022 - 2023 objectives

'In it to win it'...that's probably the best way to describe Perugia's ambition.

This season they will compete on these '5' fronts:

  • Italian SuperLega (the Italian competition)
  • European Champions League
  • Italian Supercoppa (βœ…; checked off last Tuesday)
  • Italian Cup
  • Club World Championship

Perugia's team is the home of many of the world's top class players.

Outside hitters Kamil Semeniuk, Wilfredo Leon and setter Simone Giannelli to name just 3 of their most well known players.

It would be very shortsighted to stop with these players though...this team is filled to the brim with world class talent.


⚑ What's inside this article?

Andrea shared a practice session of his team.

We pulled that session apart and during our video call we went deeper into the following fundamentals;

What are you specifically training on, which are the key points of the exercises and what are your objectives with them.

There are 4 video clips in the article (total viewing time = 45 minutes)...best to go over them in order.

  1. A 10 minute sneak preview of Andrea going over the first part of his practice
  2. A 25 minute video going over the other parts of the practice
  3. A clip where Andrea talks about the importance of training with physically and mentally prepared players and where the difficulties lie for a team with world class players that compete year round.
  4. A 10 minute clip with questions and answers about:
  • How to handle player's expectations with a roster where the players coming in are (in really almost every position) at the same level as the 'starters'
  • How Andrea as a head coach handles the expectations of the 'club's objectives' that were described above. He himself, the players and the club know that they are targeted as the 'team to beat'. He explains how he goes about all that.

πŸ’‘ Diving in!

You can jump through the clips using the chapters on the video timeline.

1. 10 minute sneak preview (practice of 27/09/2022)

2. 25 minute video going over the other parts of the practice (practice of 27/09/2022)

The first 2 minutes of this clip are to be skipped if you saw the previous video til the end.