71. Practice videos: Liam Sketcher - VK CEZ Karlovarsko

What is actually happening in the training gyms around the world? Today we have Czech pro team Karlovarsko's head coach Liam Sketcher going over his practice.

71. Practice videos: Liam Sketcher - VK CEZ Karlovarsko

🔍 Intro

We already featured 10 practice video articles with pro and college coaches, and today it's time for our 11th Practice video article here on volleybrains.com.

This article will review a full practice of Australian head coach Liam Sketcher.

👊 The coach who's guiding us today

Liam Sketcher is the current head coach of VK CEZ Karlovarsko, one of the Czech Republic's powerhouse teams. VolleyBrains members will remember Liam from a Masterclass article where we featured him back in 2021.

Liam has built a commendable coaching resume across Europe and with the Australian men's national team. For the 2023/24 season, Liam took the helm as the head coach of VK ČEZ Karlovarsko.

Australia's former coaching staff

Volleyball fans who follow the VNL (Volleyball Nations League) competition might recognize Liam from his commentary or appearances courtside at the final stages of the VNL tournament.

Today's practice video with Liam is another example of coaches who we want to bring back for a second round to VolleyBrains.com.

It's fascinating to me (and hopefully to you:-))to deeply explore a coach's approach in our interviews and then see their strategies come to life in the gym.

Kevin Hambly, Dan Friend and Lauren Bertolacci's practice sessions and Masterclasses are other examples of where we moved from conversation to action.

Way more to come in 2024.

⚡ What's inside the practice video clips?

In the videos coach Sketcher will go into detail on:

  • How he goes about managing the 'mid-season' pro season break
  • How to make well-known and simple drills challenging
  • How he goes about expanding a player's technical and tactical knowledge of the game
  • His pursuit of consistently improving his communication skills
  • Coaching cues and ways to communicate during practice with minimal interruptions
  • What his game preparation looks like with midweek games and longer periods of preparation
  • and so much more

Practice clips preview

  1. Teaching moment & assistant coach awareness
  1. Goal based butterfly
  1. Huddles & performance

VolleyBrain Members only sessions

  1. Full practice session part 1 and part 2
  2. Clip on game preparation
  3. Clip on player development concepts

(total viewing length = 65 minutes)

Quick tip: The practice videos are timestamped. Use the chapters to quickly navigate through the video for later reference.